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(888) 273-1328

 Program ManagementClinic not profitable? 

Staff turnover impacting the bottom line?


Addiction Medical Solutions provides contract Comprehensive Program Management Services for Medication Assisted Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, and Residential Treatment Programs. Our comprehensive Program Management Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Human Resource Management
    • Recruiting, Hiring, and ongoing Personnel Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Third Party Contract Negotiations, Billing, and Collections
    • Budget Development, Management, and Reporting
    • Licensing and Accreditation Management
        Initial Application, Intent to Survey, Initial Accreditation Surveys, Annual Licensing Surveys, and Re-Accreditation Surveys
    • Day to Day Operational Management
        Direct operational involvement to insure regulatory compliance, quality patient care, and profitability                                

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